Public Relations or PR is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. JTPR works with your organization to do the following, tailored to your specific needs-

We work with our clients to create marketing materials that clearly communicates “their” brand. The development of these personalized tools helps familiarize the public & media with the client, so in turn they can feel like they know & trust the organization & its brand.

Media Relations:
Our strong & successful relationships with key players in the media such as editors, producers, radio personalities, writers & newscasters, allow us to secure prominent placement for our clients in local, regional & national media outlets. We work hard to craft relevant & timely pitches for our clients based on our extensive knowledge & insight into what the media wants.

Social Media Marketing:
We utilize social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, YouTube & Instagram to engage our clients’ audience through consistent & timely viral marketing. Sure traditional media exposure is great, but JTPR knows that everyone wants to see the latest information up to the minute. So we make sure to get the latest news from all our clients to ensure each & every message is communicated quickly, broadly & effectively through social media outlets.

Event Planning:
We work with the client to oversee the planning & coordination of various events.

Grassroots Community Involvement:
We help the client identify community organizations to develop innovative & creative partnerships with.

Creative Services:
JTPR has established relationships with various design firms located in the Southeast & California that can work with the client on website design, logo design, brand design, and assorted printed materials.